Restore Your Joint, Muscle
& Gut Health!

  • Support gut health

  • Improve Mood

  • Feel Lighter

  • Support Tendon & Soft Tissue health 

Your Joint, Muscle
& Gut Health!

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A glance at Restore
in 60 seconds

A glance at Restore in 60 seconds

Loved and used nationwide

With over 10,000 bottles sold nationwide, Restore Body Protection has helped thousands of people improve their gut & bowel health, reduce bloating, speed up recovery, and improve their sense of wellbeing. This is a tasty daily tincture that does wonders all across the nation.

Too Good To Be True?

Numbers speak for themselves 

almost every customer noticed improved gut and overall health!




Reported less episodes of Heart Burn & Indigestion

Reported improved Recovery Time

Reported healthy gastrointestinal function

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Your Questions,

How does Restore Body Protection work?

Restore Body Protection uses a pure, undiluted formula of BPC-157, an incredible compound discovered using the work of 2 Nobel-winning scientists, Pavlov and Fischer.

BPC-157 is a natural peptide found in our own gastric juice.

This powerful peptide can address all three root causes of heartburn and acid reflux, an incredible feat when you consider the fact that traditional treatments only address one.

Restore Body Protection helps support and speed up your body’s natural healing process, which will increase stomach lid pressure, speed up ulcer healing, and undo damages caused by OTC pain medication.

This 3-step effect leads to a very comprehensive heartburn improvement strategy.

Not only that, but because BPC-157 is part of your body’s healing mechanisms, it can also help:

✅ Rebuild healthy tissues[56]

✅ Support the natural rejuvenation of the skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones[57,58]

✅ Protect the body from chronic stress and inflammation [59]

✅ Support healthy blood pressure [60, 61]

✅ Relieve aches and pains from overuse [62]

✅ Dramatically lower inflammation [63]

✅ Protect the brain [64]

How should I Restore Body Protection?

For best results, take Restore Body Protection every single day.
One full dropper, contains a serving of BPC-157.

Power-users of Restore have reported taking two servings of restore, twice a day. 

There's no wrong to take it, and we share stories and experiences in our emails!

It is best to take it by mouth, and to wash it down with water. 
Some Restore customers swish it in their mouth first! 

Since Restore Body Protection is also free from caffeine or other ‘buzzing’-type of ingredients, so you can also take it at night before you go to bed.

The most common use is upon waking, and at bed time. 

Is Restore Body Protection safe?

BPC-157 has been found safe to use in countless studies which have reported no side effects. In my experience with my own clients, Restore Body Protection does not cause any severe adverse reactions, just unexpected and unprecedented health benefits!

However, everyone is different, and people can have different pre-existing conditions that could change this. 

If you’re unsure, before you order, ask your body if it’s safe to take Restore Body Protection, as well as your health-care provider!

Once you begin your journey, we recommend you pay attention to what your body is telling you. 

As in any situation, if something doesn’t feel right, stop the supplementation and see your health-care provider right away.

What happens to my health if I stop taking Restore Body Protection?

This depends on a lot of factors, mostly your starting state, your expectations, and how much time you've allowed for Restore to take action. 

It is safe to stop taking Restore Body Protection. It will not cause reactions or adverse effects if you stop your treatment or forget to take one of your daily doses.

As always, Rome wasn't built overnight. 

If your situation took time to develop, it will take time to settle. 

If you find relief with Restore Body Protection, there is a high chance that when stopping you may return to your normal state. 

It is important to make positive lifestyle changes, and not just depend on an external solution - this applies to all vitamins & supplementations. 

Things take time, but not forever. If you do not find benefit from a protocol at 3 weeks time, make sure you are following everything appropriately, and taking the appropriate dose for your situation and your body. If nothing changes in 3 months and you are sure that you have done everything to extract the most benefit out of a protocol - then your needs are somewhere else. 

Your expectations should always be open-minded. Although some people take Restore Body Protection for their stomach health, they often note improved mood and sleep. Others have noted general life-resilience and better joint health - by sheer accident. By remaining open, and staying aware. 

For instance, if you find benefit from taking Vitamin D (which takes time), you only experience those benefits while consistently taking Vitamin D. When you stop taking Vitamin D, you will slowly go back to how you were before the Vitamin. You may be better-off than your previous state, but you will not reap maximum benefits. The same example works with water and hydrating... you're only hydrated when you consistently drink water - so it is not shocking to feel tired and groggy from dehydration, after not drinking water. Feeding and nutrition, is the same. 

It is often-times with the above examples, as well as Restore Body Protection, people may feel better or not attribute the benefit to their supplementation. It is only after they have stopped, do they shortly realize, how much benefit they were incurring. We welcome people to give us a shot, then take a break... and report back what you notice change in the time-period. We have some really cool stories - and not one is alike. 

How do I order Restore Body Protection?

To order Restore Body Protection, just click on the ‘Buy Now’ button below the package that works best for you.

For now, there are 3 options available: 1 bottle, 3 bottles, and 6 bottles, each with special discounts. Once you choose a bundle, you’ll be redirected to a highly secured page where you’ll need to add your shipping information and make the payment.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll only be charged ONCE. We will never make repeat charges to your card.

From personal experience over the years, and now with thousands of customer experiences, it's quite clear that benefits of Restore do not simply stop, but compound over time. It is night a fly-by-night situation and overwhelming amount of customers come back, and usually with their friends & family in mind. 

What if I don’t like Restore Body Protection at all?

That’s what the ‘Love it or leave it’ promise is for! Basically, you have 60 full days to try out Restore Body Protection therapy and if you don’t like it, you can ask for a full refund. 

This promise is available for the 3 and 6 bundle options, please check our terms & conditions and refund policy for details. 

What ingredients are used in Restore Body Protection?

Suggested Usage

Take 1 full squeeze of the dropper for a dose of Restore, in the morning with water.

Other times to take Restore

🥡 Before an irritating/ cheat meal

🍷 After an unsettling meal

😴 At bed time

Most Restore users take a serving upon waking and at bed time

Is Restore Body Protection suitable for me?

Important: If you use any medication make sure you consume Restore at least 2 hours before or after medicines.

Caution: Consult with your physician if pregnant/nursing. Keep out of reach of children. For adults only. Stop taking the supplement and speak with your physician for advice if you experience mild allergic-type reactions such as nose or eye irritation, feeling short of breath or itchy skin. If you experience any other uncommon symptoms which you think may be due to taking the supplement, speak with your physician for further advice.

Allergy and Restore: Please review the ingredients list for allergy concerns

Is Restore Body Protection Gluten Free?

Allergy and Restore
Please review the ingredients list for allergy concerns

Restore is a vegan & gluten-free amino acid complex that helps promote digestive health and body restoration.

No sugar added
Restore is sweetened with sugar substitute - Stevia and contains natural flavors and colors. Tastes like lemon-water!

How do I store Restore Body Protection?

In a cool dry place!

What about the Science?

There is a lot of science, the best place is to start here and expand your search. The science goes back to the '70's!

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